Finally Christmas leave is over and we resume training!
Monday the 7:th januari spring semester starts, now we add two training sessions for Kobudo training.

Club members graded 6 Kyu or higher are now welcome to train Kobudo twice a week.
We offer Shimbukan Kobudo training as tought by Hiroshi Akamine. (
6-7 pm on Mondays and 11:30-12:30 pm on Saturdays, training is offered every week, with different instructors. Come and try, this is really fun and will increase your knowledge of Karate.

Important dates:

  • 31:th of Januari: payment must be done, closing of new intake in Minion- and Junior-groups
  • 9:th of Februari 12:30 pm: annual meeting in the Dojo.
  • 12:th-14:th of April: help needed when we will help at the Guldliljan party.
  • 4:th of May 12:30 pm, meeting for summer gasshukku.
  • 10:th of May: 5 year Jubileum
  • 14:th-16:th of Juni: Summer gasshukku