Belts (Obi)

According to Okinawan custom, the colours of our belts range from white (10-7 kyu), to green (6-4 kyu), brown (3-1 kyu) and black (1-10 dan). The different levels on the kyu belts are marked with black stripes. The belt represents the practitioner’s knowledge of Goju Ryu techniques and philosophy and the different grades are awarded after the practitioner has demonstrated their knowledge during a grading.


Our gradings take place at the end of the fall semester for students aged 5-8 y.o, and at the end of both the fall and the spring semester for older students. During the gradings, the students get to show their knowledge to each other and a grading committee. If they fulfill the criteria, a diploma stating the students’ new rank is awarded.

Black belt

There are ten levels of black belt, called dan grades, that range from first dan (shodan) to tenth dan (jyuudan). The person with the highest grade in our style is Yasuda sensei, tenth dan.

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