Spring semester starts second week of 2019.

Kobudo (6 Kyu) Mo 6-7 pm, Yudansha (1 Dan)  7-8:30 pm
Junior training Tue+Thu 5:30 -7 pm
Senior training Tue+Thu 7 pm – 9 pm
Minion training Wed 5:30-6:30 pm
15+ beginners group Wed 7-8:30 pm
All groups Sat 10-12 am, 1-3 pm 2:nd Sat each month
Kobudo (6 Kyu) Sat 11:30 – 12:30 pm
Sanchin training SAT 12-12:30 pm

Shimbukan Kobudo training offered from 2019

OGR Karate has received the Sparbanken association grant in Enköping 2018.

O.G.R Karate Enköping
We practice traditional Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate within the Jundokan family.
Our focus
We focus on self defence and personal development, both physical and mental. Our many techniques involve blocks, punches, kicks, throws and holds, and everyone trains according to his och her ability.
Our instructors
Our instructors have a long experience of training and teaching karate. Apart from doing karate they also explore other martial arts in order to enrich and deepen their knowledge of self defence.
Jundokan in Naha, Okinawa
We are very thankful to be a shibudojo of the main Jundokan Dojo in Naha, Okinawa. Information about the main organization can be found at

Suponsā スポンサー

Our sponsors

Would you like to sponsor O.G.R. Karate Enköping?
Or know more of our BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD-packages as well as the 365 club!

Karate Do Okinawa Goju Ryu
Dojo Kun
The Dojo Kun is a set of general rules to live by that we as karateka, karate practitioners, strive to fulfill not only in the dojo but also in our daily lives. Therefore, we read them out loud together after each training session.

1. Be polite and humble
2. Train with regards to your own physical strength
3. Study hard and diligently
4. Be calm and quick
5. Take care of your health
6. Live a simple and modest life
7. Don’t be too proud or too submissive
8. Keep training with patience

Genzai 現在

100 kata challenge

The 25:th of October 6 pm to 9 pm we will join the international event 100 kata challenge, We all train together, come in time to warm up

Sparbanken association grant

OGR Karate has received the Sparbanken association grant for being the best youths club in Enköping 2018. This is a great honor for the club and a nice recognition for all work put in from the board and the instructors. Thanks for the nomination!

Höstterminen startar vecka 34 eng

Äntligen dags för terminsstart! På måndag (20/8) börjar Judansha (Svartbältarna) sin hösttermin, på tisdag (21/8) börjar Juniorer och Seniorer och på onsdag (22/8) börjar Minioner och vuxna nybörjare sin träning. Välkommen tillbaks alla som haft uppehåll och varmt...

Arigatou gozaimashita

Thank you very much

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Watashitachi o forō suru
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